IMG_4573-Linda-Abbott-7-June-2014-square.jpgA great project deserves to find its ideal visual and physical manifestation—the shape that makes it most useful to you and your audience, the tone that makes it funny or moving, the look that makes it entrancing and delightful! I’m here to help you find that ideal manifestation for your project, and to do it in a way that makes the process as enjoyable as the end result.

My name is Stefan G. Bucher, I’m a graphic designer / illustrator / writer. There’s a lot of work for you to see on this site. Possibly too much. There are certainly too many stories. But each of these projects was the most important thing on my mind at one point, and each story tells you why the final thing looks the way it does.

If you have an interesting project you think we should tackle together, please say hello. You can reach me at stefan@344design.com or at 323 638 4344.

Photo by Linda Abbott. Used with permission.

A few questions you may have about the 344 Empire

And a few answers

What’s your specialty?

My most successful projects bring me together with people and companies that have found success in one area and want to expand into another. The combination of new frontier enthusiasm and deep production experience on both sides makes for great collaboration!

In terms of formats, I’ve done a lot of books, movie titles and music packaging. If you’re talking to a general audience, I’m most known for my character designs. If you’d like to see a list of my clients, here is a list of my clients.

Do you work at your studio exclusively or can you work onsite at my company?

The great majority of the work is done here at the studio. It’s where I work most efficiently. If we’re dealing with an unusually complex project, I will normally come in for a day or two of meetings and brainstorming sessions. After that I take the actual work back to the studio. Presentations can happen via phone or Skype, e-mail or FedEx, or I’ll come by personally.

If the situation requires me to work intensively with your in-house team, it is possible for me to pack up and join you onsite for a maximum of two weeks. This option requires some lead-time and increases cost substantially.

Awards. You got any?

Awards? Sure! I’m an Art Directors Club “Young Gun.” D&AD gave me a Yellow Pencil once, I have a few One Show pencils, and a bunch of awards from Communication Arts, the Type Directors Club, Print Magazine, HOW Magazine, STEP, and others. Lynda.com made a documentary about me, which isn’t an award, but its still pretty nice.

I’m a student. You’ve not answered any of my questions. At all. Why?

Because I have answered many of them right here on this student FAQ page. If you have a question I haven’t covered, please go ahead and ask away.

Do you give talks?

Sure do! I’ve been a mainstage speaker at Design Indaba (Cape Town), at the -ING Creative Festival (Dubai), and at the AIGA National Conference, I was the keynote speaker at TEDx Santa Barbara and led a workshop on typography at actual TED. I recently spoke at San Francisco Design Week, and at the RGD Design Thinkers Conference (Toronto). I’ve spoken to the corporate design departments at Target and Starbucks; at dozens of schools including Carnegie Mellon, MICA, Art Center, CalArts, and Otis College; and at design associations all over the United States. I’ve also painted some murals in the process.

If you’d like to have me come visit, please reach out.