Welcome to Store 344, the 344 Company Store! Many of the items on the site are commercially available—CDs, DVDs, books I’ve designed for others. This is a list of things where I’m out front as the author.


A poster in support of everyone’s freedom to choose in general and of bodily autonomy in particular. I will donate 50% of all proceeds to the ACLU Foundation.

Your body, your choice. That is all. Peace!

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The Pacifica Poster

In case you missed your window to back the Pacifica Kickstarter, here’s your chance to snag one of these posters for your collection! Take advantage of Early Bird Pricing until April 1st!

You can see the campaign page at this link: Pacifica Kickstarter

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If you’d like to order a personally inscribed copy of LetterHeads, you’ve come to the right place!

344 Questions—The Creative Person’s
Do-It-Yourself Guide to Insight, Survival,
and Artistic Fulfilment

The secret to creative success lies not in knowing the right answers, but in asking the right questions—and this book is full of them!

In fact, 344 Questions is composed entirely of questions designed to help you determine where you are in your life and career, where you want to be, and how to get there. It’s a therapy session on paper. Hopefully, you’ll also laugh along the way.

In addition to my questions, the book features questions from creative celebrities, including Judd Apatow, Marian Bantjes, Wayne Coyne, Dave Eggers, Ze Frank, Christoph Niemann, Patton Oswalt, Stefan Sagmeister, J.J. Sedelmaier, Dave Stewart, Tarsem, and many more.

The questions are designed to get you thinking and drawing and writing with room on each spread to fill in the blanks and jot down ideas.

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The Monster Maker App

Ever feel like making Monsters when you’re on the go?
Make them on your iPhone or iPad with this nifty app!

Make your own monsters in the style of the Daily Monsters® and send them to your friends. Blow the ink with your finger. Add eyes and mouths and arms and pants from the over 200 elements in the PARTS palette—all handmade exclusively for this app—or draw your own! Pop up a speech bubble and make your monster say something profound. You can pose for a photo with your creature and post it to Facebook or Twitter! You can even make T-shirts and mugs and stuff through Zazzle right from inside the app!

You can watch a demo video on YouTube.

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The Daily Monster Zazzle Store

Would you like to wear a Daily Monster T-shirt? Or sip from a Monster mug? Tote bags, greeting cards, iPad covers or skateboards? The Daily Monster store at Zazzle has you covered.

Zazzle has a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all orders you place with them. In the unlikely event that you don’t like the items you receive you can return them with impunity. 

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12 Bigger Monsters

A portfolio of a dozen 12 x 16 in. (30.5 x 40.6 cm) Daily Monster drawings, limited to 100 copies, presented in a custom made Dupioni silk case with magnetic closures. Each print is signed and numbered in pencil. By me. Took for-EVER!

Edition Size: 100 signed and numbered copies

Print Size: 12 x 16 inches (30.5 x 40.6 cm)

Printing: 4-color digital offset printing with a double hit of black

Paper: Mohawk Options Smooth Digital 80 lb. Cover (216 gsm)
Each print is embossed with a 0.344 in. (0.87 cm) diameter 344 seal.

Portfolio case: Custom-made 12.5 x 16.5 (31.8 x 41.9 cm) case
covered in iridescent silk that changes color from tan to bright pink depending on viewing angle. The case has hardcover flaps, a hidden magnetic closure, and a custom Daily Monster liner. The cover of each case is blind-debossed with the number 12 in a 5.25 in. (13.3 cm) diameter circle.

Shipping: Each portfolio is protected by a clear, resealable Mylar bag, and sjips inside a bubble-lined polybag envelope, which is packed in a snug corrugated cardboard mailer. each portfolio ships with a pair of archival gloves of nylon or cotton, so you can handle the prints without risk of unsightly fingerprints.

Total weight: 2 lb 8 oz. (1.13 kg)

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The Graphic Eye—Photographs
by Graphic Designers from Around the Globe

The Graphic Eye collects 500 photographs by 120
of the world’s best graphic designers in one handsome volume.
And I’m not just saying that. It really is quite beautiful.

And the photographs are excellent without exception! I know this, because I selected them from thousands of submissions from renowned designers such as Marian Bantjes, Ed Fella, Bryony Gomez-Palacio, Jeri Heiden, Jessica Helfand, Julia Hoffmann, Paul Sahre, and Jakob Trollbäck—and then put them into what I think is an interesting—hell, possibly even an evocative sequence for you. Order your copy now. You won’t be sorry you did.

Here’s the official text: As visual creatives, graphic designers are well informed about photography. They often carry around a camera, but rarely share the same concerns as professional photographers. As a result, the photographs they produce are distinctly unconventional and often appear in their design work—in fact, a glance at a designer’s personal photography will offer vital clues into their working methods and obsessions. Selected from the personal portfolios of the world’s most innovative and creative graphic designers, “The Graphic Eye” includes every type of photographic image, from macro details and funny moments, to found type, street scenes, rare objects, and monumental vistas. The book also includes personal portraits, quirky fashions, and organic and manmade colos, textures, and environments. This book is a unique and inspirational reference library of innovative imagery.

Beat that with a stick.

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100 Days of Monsters

The first 100 Daily Monsters, collected in one volume, accompanied by a selection of the best stories from the blog, along with a DVD of everything. (I mean it. Everything. Everywhere. Ever.)

At the end of 2006 I filmed myself drawing an ink-blot monster every day for 100 days and posted the time-lapsed videos online. The clips got an overwhelming response from all corners of the globe as visitors became collaborators and submitted stories about the trials and triumphs of each unique monster every day. The book contains all 100 Monsters, 257 of my favorite stories, a brilliant foreword from Ze Frank, and some additional goodies.

The included DVD archives all 100 Daily Monster® video clips, 701 bonus comments and stories, one Real Time Monster, a special video message from me to you, and 10 Open Source Ink Blots™ that let you make your own Daily Monsters.

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All Access—The Making of Thirty
Extraordinary Graphic Designers

This was my attempt to explore the Werdegang of my favorite designers, to write their Bildungsroman, to shape your Zeitgeist.
Buy your copy now! Schnell, schnell!

Here’s the official blurb: “All Access” takes a “before they were stars” look at twenty-five giants in the graphic design industry by juxtaposing an edited selection of the stars’ “greatest hits” with their “pre-fame” work.

The book reveals their visual history, the first pieces that made them stars, their transitional work and the eventual breakthrough pieces that caused their names to be known around the world. Insightful text exploring mentors, education and eureka moments complements this visual timeline illustrating the journey from struggling novice to master designer.

In addition to the twenty-five giants, “All Access” also profiles twenty of the most exciting upcoming design stars from around the globe. As with the masters, the book explores their road to early success and shows the groundbreaking and inspiring work that is lifting these young designers into the spotlight.

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