+4dBu LOGO

Logo for Boutique Music Production & One-Stop Licensing Firm +4dbU

plus4dBu is a boutique music production entity created by Casey Dunmore, better known as Schpilkas. The firm creates original music for TV, film, video games and other multimedia outlets. Casey is an old friend of mine from his days at Electric Monkey Records and asked me to design the logo for his new musical venture.

The name +4dBu refers to the line-level standard for professional audio equipment. All gear is aligned so that an input or output level of +4dBu translated to 0 on volume meters. Based on this background, I wanted to create a logo that combined the vibe of vintage microphone logos and circuit diagrams with a dash of hieroglyphics for mystery. And of course, the whole thing had to look cool on record labels and Tshirts. You can find +4dBu at plus4dbu.com and on Instagram.

Casey is a fellow artist and trusted my intuition, making the whole collaboration a breeze!


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