Animated logo for the Computer image Corporation

Some of the things I design are a little bit mysterious. Often my stealth assignments eventually coalesce into a publicly visible shape that I can easily share or summarize. This is not one of those.

This is a logo for the reboot of the Computer Image Corporation, pioneers of computer-generated title graphics and makers of the Scanimate. The tactical display in the Death Star war room? That was done on a Scanimate. So were music videos for Earth Wind & Fire and Kool & The Gang. As was the original channel identity for HBO. LinkedIn Learning did a nice mini-documentary on the machine.

Only eight Scanimates were ever produced, and one of my long-time clients purchased the last one ever made. Only two still exist and both are being kept operational by one of the original engineers, Dave Sieg.

My client asked me to create an updated logo for the original producers of the machines, the Computer Image Corporation. As the machines are now practically religious artifacts from the dawn of computer generated imagery, and are guarded by what amounts to a secret priesthood, I felt that a Egypto-Masonic logo with cave laser sound effects was called for.

I cannot tell you any more than this. I have already said too much. You never saw this page.

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