Dalan Animal Health Los Angeles

Animated logo for Dalan animal health, music by Jorge Verdin

Dalan Animal Health is an international biotech venture specializing in animal vaccination founded by Dr. Annette Kleiser, Dr. Dalial Freitak, and Dr. Franziska Dickel. The company first rose to prominence with the introduction of their Prime Bee vaccine, the first vaccine against American Foulbrood (AFB) disease, a highly contagious infection that has a devastating impact on bee hives around the world.

I first began working with Dr. Kleiser and her team very early on, and got to design a Prime Bee mission patch in the first days of the company. As Dalan began to take shape, she turned to me again to design a visual identity for the new venture. We wanted a visual representation of Dalan that would feel at home in the space of existing biotechnology corporations without being sterile or reflexively futuristic. We also wanted a logo that would feel appropriate for one of the still rare science-centered companies started and run by women.

Personally, I wanted a logo that could endure for decades. I didn’t want fashion. I didn’t want trendy devices. I wanted a wordmark that would feel equally plausible on a poster from the early 1900s or on the side of a space station. While I showed different options, we all quickly agreed that the modern custom script was the way to go.

The rollout of the identity is still in progress and adapts to the emerging and evolving needs of the company itself. Here are a two simple examples of the identity in use:


A small graphic for a presentation deck featuring the Prime Bee mascot, Beeatrix.


The initial design direction for the website. Yes, I entertain myself by writing Greek copy.
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