Maverick Recording Co. Los Angeles

Once a year comes the dreaded assignment that almost always ends up somewhat lame, but can never be refused. It is the company holiday offering. It must be seasonal, but non-denominational. Fun, yet cool. Specific, yet a third thing. And so we turn to snowflakes.

Snowflakes, and a sock. With a CD wedged into it. Which I thought was funny. And nobody else cared enough about to tell me NO.

Note, please, that the snowflakes are made from rotated Maverick logos. This is one of those perennial go-to solutions when you have to work with an unwieldy piece of content. Flip it for a mirror image, rotate it for a mandala, do anything to create complexity and symmetry that hides your mandatory element in plain sight. It solves the design problem, keeps you from having to do a half a loaf logo placement, and clients tend to love it, too.

It’s no big achievement, this piece, but it’s dear to me—in and of itself, and for the fact that it’s the first CD to feature Solar Twins. Not only that, but it’s the only CD to feature them under their original name, Luxe. Which was also the name of a band somewhere in the midwest. Who wanted some ridiculous amount of money to give up that name. So Luxe became Astral TV became Solar Twins. And so it goes.

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