L.A. Louver Venice, California

Rogue Wave exhibition catalogue covers and spreads.

Here’s your argument for reading the classifieds: I answered an ad in the Art Center alumni bulletin and about six months later, the nice folks at the L.A. Louver gallery called on me to build them a catalogue documenting their 2001 and 2005 Rogue Wave exhibits of contemporary Los Angeles artists.

The catalogue is a marvel of print production: You got your fluorescent inks on the cover. You got your titles printed in spot varnish. You got your rakish 12° angle cut on the face. The whole thing is printed using stochastic screening for image clarity that’ll make you weep with geek delight. (Using a loupe, you can see the highlights on individual brush strokes with sharp definition. It’s something else, this stuff.) Did I mention that the book works its way inward from two front covers to give both shows equal billing? The foreword and index both rest at the center, separating 2001 from 2005.

Yes, if you ever felt like making life difficult for your printer, this is a good start. I’m glad I had the dedicated printers at Typecraft in Pasadena on my side for this one—our first major project together, incidentally. Moreover, I’m grateful that my clients at L.A. Louver extended me the trust and patience to produce a design that gives an uncompromising home to the brilliant pieces they selected for the exhibit. It was a tricky job and taxed everybody’s good humor, but we came out with a cool piece that set the tone for many catalogs to follow. I hope the chosen artists felt well represented.

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