Typecraft Wood & Jones Pasadena, California

Poster, 12 x 18 in. (30.5 x 45.7 cm), printed on the HP Indigo 5500 Digital Offset Press

If you’ve already read a few of the entries on this site, you’ve probably seen the name Typecraft pop up again and again. In fact, you may have seen it so much that you’ve thought to yourself, “Yeesh! Why don’t you and Typecraft get a room?” If this is the first entry you’re reading, let me explain: For the past ten years Typecraft has been my printer on all jobs where I get to make that decision. They do amazing work, and they know how to work with my level of obsessive compulsive lunacy. I love them.

In early 2008 they asked me to design a poster to promote their new Indigo 5500 digital press. Typecraft had waited a few years to get into the digital offset game, because they wanted to make sure that anything printed on the new equipment would match not just traditional offset printing, but also the general level of excellence clients had come to expect of Typecraft in particular.

Being a true believer, I had no trouble writing this piece. The art came effortlessly, too. Reviving the tendrils I’d first used for the bossa:nova KOOP flyer and for Jason Bentley’s “Empyrean Soundsystem” CD,  I made the illustration as intricate as possible. I added a flat color background with a subtle gradation to show off the strength of the new machine. Solid colors printed as a CMYK combination (instead of using a solid PMS color) are tricky on press, and smooth gradations to white are always a headache. Both came off without a hitch, proving the point of the headline.


Look at that undulation! And at that subliminal call to hit the slopes.
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