Quango Records Los Angeles

American Rag Cie., Volumes 1 and 2

Sometimes life is simple. I already knew the guys at Quango Records through my work with bossa:nova, which had led to the Quango-produced Oliver Peoples 3 CD. When they were hired to produce two double-CDs for high end fashion and lifestyle retailer American Rag, they turned to me for the design of the package.

The owners of American rag had already decided on the images, and their logo was to be on the cover. My main achievement on this release was convincing them to leave the illustrations untouched by putting the logo on a clear plastic sleeve—an echo of American Photography 17 and a presaging of the book for The Fall. I also did a nice, clean design for the inside. It was a simple assignment, simply handled. No big story here, just a pretty package for a lot of pretty music. If you can still find a copy somewhere, you should grab it.

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